MTM On The Road: Alpine Chocolat Haus in Gaylord Opens New Kitchen

Is it even the holiday season without butter, sugar and a dark chocolate drizzle? The Alpine Chocolat Haus swears by the combination all year round, but at holiday time the production kicks into elf speed. For years the confectioneries were made with love in their original Gaylord shop, and then in a tiny kitchen above the […]

Sweets are flowing at new Chocolat Haus facility

GAYLORD — The Chocolatmeister is at it again. Bruce Brown, owner of the Alpine Chocolat Haus, opened a new kitchen facility in Gaylord at 505 S. Wisconsin Ave., and said December is the busiest month of the year. And that makes the timing of the new kitchen facility opening even sweeter. “You might buy for […]

An interesting article about our Plymouth store

It’s easy to stick to the familiar, to not venture outside the vicinity of our hometowns, to eat at the same restaurants, to shop at the same stores. But Michigan is full of smaller towns and cities that are perfect for a day trip or even a quick stop for a bite to eat and […]

MTM On The Road: Easter Preparation at Gaylord’s Alpine Chocolat Haus

There’s something about traditional German spelling that makes you rest assure this “chocolat” is about to be spot on. The Alpine Chocolat Haus originated in downtown Gaylord but has since expanded its confectionery empire to other Michigan towns. Boyne City, Plymouth or Sault Ste. Marie, wherever you wander, anticipate authentic smells only produced from handcrafted chocolates made with […]

Gaylord’s chocolatier honored for ‘pay it forward’ mindset

GAYLORD — The generosity of Bruce Brown has been noted through a number of local awards over the year. But last week, Brown received recognition for his altruism at the state level for the first time. Brown’s business, Alpine Chocolat Haus, was presented the Michigan Association of United Way’s small business Spirit of Michigan Award […]

Sweet Rewards